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Once in your life, you will get to experience hurting other people. What’s worst is that people hurt you in the most unexpected way. If these things happen, you simply wish that things will get better. And things will only if you acknowledge your fault and decide on making things right. Sorry letters will definitely work in instances like these.

Many times, we don’t know what to do when we are faced with hurtful situations. We are definitely put into test if have hurt somebody that would require a lot of patching up. True enough, simple apologies can be made simple through expression of deepest regret and sincerity. If we have offended the person at one point, it is right that we reach out and let the person feel how sorry we are for hurting him or her. Thus, sorry letters can definitely help us communicate our thoughts and feelings in a most sincere way.

When writing sorry letters, you should be able to indicate the reason for such action. If you have caused the person disappointment in some way, you should briefly indicate why you have acted that way. You have to make him or her understand that what you did was unintentional. After letting him know the reason behind your action, you should then humbly admit your guilt. Be humble enough to accept that what happened was your fault and that you are sincerely apologetic of it. I know that humbling yourself isn’t that easy. Indeed, it requires courage and strength. But if you have realized deep in your heart that you have caused the person wrong, then you will find in your heart the humility to accept your mistakes.

Remember that sorry letters isn’t just about apologizing and uttering the words “I’m sorry”.

It is more than explaining what happened and letting the person feel that you are sorry. Apologizing requires assurance on your end that such gesture will not happen again. It requires fixing things and willingness to move on with efforts on your end. Mending a broken relationship takes time. It entails proving yourself that you are worth giving a second chance.


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