Is there an honest SEO guy?

How to get your website ranked and make money online. First of all, I recommend you build a website to work with; this can be done using This web building program is very easy to use. Just pick a topic of interest and start building your site.

Once you have completed your site, you will need it to get ranked in the search engines to start making money online. This can be a very frustrating job, and many give up at this stage. Not today, I will show you how I got my site ranked on page one in under two months, and also ranked under the term “online money making” on page three in about three months. This is a highly competitive keyword, and yet it popped up on page three with a new site I put together!

Ok, here we go. First thing is to write articles about your chosen topic, yes it sucks, but it works! When you have written an article, submit it to and to get the ball rolling. Another great place to submit it to is, sign up with them, read how it works and submit away. Your article will be submitted to thirty blogs. That’s thirty backlinks for each article you submit through the system!

Another great site is; this is where I order the directory submission service for my site. It costs ten dollars for fifty directory submissions. I do this every couple weeks. There are also many other services you can use, like article writing and submission service, bookmarking and many more!

Well, that’s pretty much what I did, and to my surprise, my site ranked fast and climbed the ladder. Don’t forget that your articles will rank also, just make sure you target a keyword that does not have an insane amount of competition, stick with the lower competitive keywords to start with first.

To help you with this, type in “keyword search volume” into Google and use the search tool to research your keywords.

Now you know what I did exactly to get my site ranked, I hope you understand it. Give it a go and over time you should start to see the same results. If you would like to read more about online money making, visit my site: Start making money online. Good luck in your money making ventures!



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